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I started playing the violin at nine years old, beginning my journey to a passion for music and performance that continues to this day.

I have been classically trained from grade school through university where I played with full orchestras and smaller string ensembles. I am an avid fan of Celtic fiddle and have been studying and performing this genre of music with several local bands. I have always marched to the beat of my own drum and have expanded my genres to rock, jazz, music theatre, and many more. 

From 2020-2022 I co-ran a YouTube channel called 'Cut Time Music,' with my colleague James Weaver. It features piano, violin, and ukulele duets with classical, folk, and original compositions. We did a lot of in-studio work during this time which gave me a great deal of experience in recording music in a studio setting.

Over the past several years, I have balanced my band commitments to play solo violin/ukulele/voice at weddings, special events, corporate functions, and celebrations of life, in the Tampa Bay and Central Florida areas.

From 2021-2023 I toured with the Celtic fusion band 'North of Argyll,' playing on festival and Highland Game stages in Colorado, Arkansas, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and my home base Florida.

From 2023 to the present, I have been playing with the traditional Irish 'Black Velvet Band' on many stages around Florida including the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa on St. Patrick's Day 2024.

Some other projects I am currently proudly a part of are the Celtic fusion trio 'Ladies of Loudness', a piano/violin duo with none other than my extremely talented sister in 'The Flower Duo', and a duo with the amazing Chelle Fulk called 'SeaChelles'. If you have any interest in booking any of these ensembles, please refer to the "Ensembles" tab above. 

When I am not performing I also teach music in my private studio online and in personIf you want to learn violin/viola/piano/ukulele, feel free to contact me.


Wedding Violinist Tampa Bay
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Tampa Violinist Weddings
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